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Πέμπτη, 6 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Status report!

                                Hey there everyone! Just a quicky here to explain why I haven't been posting anything for so long or replying to comments etc. Unfortunately, I have contracted Glandular Fever (the aptly and epicly named "Kissing Disease") AND something foreboding called Cytomegalic Virus. Lovely, right? Anyway, I've been down with them for quite some time now and the doctor estimates yet more time till I can get out and about to blog about my food escapades again. On the bright side, they aren't really all that serious and I get to eat as much as I like now, yeay! (*Oink, oink*) :)

Anyhow, sorry for delaying to post so long, I just wanted to let you know and I promise to make it up to you once I'm better. Tata for now!

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